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Company Getting Larger? 2 Benefits Of Hiring A Managed IT Services Company

by Hector Meyer

If your company is getting larger, you may find it hard to keep up with everything. One important thing is your computers and other systems. If you do not have someone to take care of these things for you, you should hire a managed IT services company. There are many benefits of doing this, two of which are listed below. 

Keep You Running

The last thing you need to have happen is your computer system going down, especially during working hours. Consider if this happens, no one would be able to work, and if you did not have IT employees you may be down a long time. 

If you hire a managed IT services company, they can come to your place of business quickly to get you back up and running. There also may be times they can do this over the phone. If so, they will ask you questions and have you do some things to see if this works. This means your system will get back up and running much faster. Depending on the problem, this may be a very short time, such as an hour or less. 

You may also have individual computers that quit running. If so, these computers can be replaced quickly, or they may be able to be repaired by the technician. This includes things like desktop computers, laptops, and tablets.    

Protect Your Data

The managed IT services company can protect your data in many ways. You likely have financial and personal information on your network for your company, as well as information about customers. If you do not have the proper protection in place, a hacker or other intruder can easily break into your system and steal your information. This would result in you losing clients in many cases and could cause a lot of damage to your company if your financial information is stolen. 

To protect your data the managed IT services company will install software on your system. This includes an antivirus which will help prevent viruses, as well as antispyware to keep spyware and malware from getting onto your system. They will also install a good firewall to close entry points where a hacker can breakthrough. Without a firewall, it is like leaving the doors on your home unlocked. 

They can also protect your data by ensuring backups are done each night. These backups will be done automatically so you will not have to worry about doing anything. This way if your system goes down you will not have to worry about losing information. 

For more information on managed IT services, contact a company near you.