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4 Workplace IT Installations To Invest In Today

by Hector Meyer

Technology plays the biggest role in developing competitive advantage today. It enables your business to offer value and price advantages to your clients. Small businesses can compete on almost equal footing with big businesses by leveraging the right technology.  Apart from the technologies you use to produce your products or services, IT installations offer advantages in efficiency and productivity. What are the most desirable workplace IT installations to invest in today?

Cloud Storage

Cybersecurity threats have become too real for businesses today, especially for small businesses without cybersecurity skills and budgets.  Ransomware attacks are particularly dangerous since they scramble everything to cripple business operations.

Cloud storage has become one of the most important workplace IT installations to secure business IT resources, including customer data and business apps. It provides safe backups that enable your business faster disaster recovery after a cyberattack or other disaster such as a fire.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System

A  Customer Relationship Management system enables a business to develop a deeper interaction with its customers by gaining insights.  A CRM system extends beyond customer service and supports tasks in marketing and project management.

CRM systems were mainly used by big businesses in the past, but they have become vital for workplace IT installations for small businesses. This is because they play a big role in lead generation, customer growth, and retention.  The CRM also integrates with other business apps to increase productivity.

Business Email

A professional email is an important tool in brand building because recipients have become wary of free internet email addresses. Business email is a top priority workplace IT installation for both big and small businesses.

A good business email does more than send and receive email. It integrates into the CRM to nurture leads. Automated email processes make interactions easier, more efficient, and valuable for customers.  

Location-Based  Technologies

Many people are still more comfortable buying from local brands, even with eCommerce. There is more trust because they believe there is someone they can reach out to easily. In this regard, location-based tools have become crucial in growing the customer base in the local setting.

Location-based workplace IT installations leverage tools such as mapping and location beacons to enhance your business presence. For example,  when you do a social media post with a specific location, your social media audience can see you have a presence. They will remember your brand the next time they shop for the products you sell.

Are you looking for ways to increase efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness in your business? Talk to a computer services provider about custom workplace IT installations to fit your business.