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4 Benefits Of Switching To A Secure Internet-Hosted Desktop Solution

by Hector Meyer

A hosted desktop is generally a virtual machine that stores data through secure internet in the cloud. It can handle everything that a standard desktop computer can, including apps, operating systems, system files, and emails in secure, cloud-based data centers. If you are looking into the prospects of switching to a secure internet-hosted desktop solution, here are some advantages your organization stands to enjoy. 

Supports Agile Working

Secure internet-hosted desktop solutions are perfect in facilitating agile work conditions. That means it allows staff to remain flexible in their places of work. Besides, it will enable employees to access information and work from anywhere through their laptops, tablets, or smartphones. 

With a secure internet-hosted desktop supporting agile working, your company would no longer require investing in expensive computers to support a remote workforce. There is also the possibility of staff losing or damaging their computers. The cloud-hosted desktop allows you to keep your confidential data on secure servers without worrying about costly data recovery on damaged or lost hardware. 

Minimal Operational Costs

Since employees can access the same data from any location and device, you don't have to purchase a working computer for each staff member. Consequently, less energy is required to power heavy computing appliances for staff to access the company's data and applications. 

Offers High-End Data Security

Sensitive company information and data stored on a physical computer in your company can get lost through stealing or damaged through system crashes. In whichever scenario, your company's everyday operations can hit a snag due to data loss. However, switching to a secure internet-hosted desktop solution can help alleviate these problems.

All data and system applications in a secure internet-hosted desktop are secured in the cloud. That means the data remains not compromised, should any unfortunate events happen in your business premises. Furthermore, cloud-hosted desktop providers offer high-end security measures such as intrusion detection and prevention, multi-factor authentication, and encryption.  

Helps You Focus on Core Business Functions

Whichever your organization's size, running daily business functions can be challenging with everything that comes with it. Deploying high-end software requires investing in equivalent hardware infrastructure as well. However, you can resolve most of these concerns using a secure internet-hosted desktop solution. 

Depending on your business requirements, the vendor can customize a suitable virtual desktop to focus on your core business functions. Therefore, transferring the duty of hardware and software setup, system control, and maintenance to your vendor allows you to concentrate on your most crucial business process to achieve success.