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2 Benefits of Moving Your Small Business's Storage to the Cloud

by Hector Meyer

Do you currently have a massive server that you use to store all your important company files? If so, you may want to consider moving your storage to the cloud. It can provide many benefits to small business owners for the following reasons.

1. Secured Data Backup

One of the many concerns you may have about your data is security. What would happen if there was a fire in your building, would your data all be lost because it is only stored onsite? What would happen if someone broke in and stole the server where all your files are located? That is why cloud storage is so important.

Instead of hosting the files on a physical server that is only located in your office, cloud storage moves them offsite to a secondary location. This helps follow a crucial part of the 3-2-1 rule of data backups, where you need 3 copies of your data with 2 onsite and 1 offsite copy. You will have data located both on the online cloud storage and on employee's local machines, placing them in two sites that are both onsite and offsite. If you have multiple employees with the same data downloaded, it gives you two onsite copies of the data.

The need for onsite backups is important because you can run into speed limitations if you ever have to download a large amount of data from the cloud because the onsite copy was ruined and you don't have a backup.

2. Simplified Remote Workflow

With more employees working from home, it brings up the challenge of how to access data that is secured on a server back at your main office. You can have employees remotely connect to their existing workstations at the office so that they are still accessing the data locally, but remote connections can be unreliable or have notable lag. 

A cloud storage solution is going to allow employees to download data wherever they are working. They can download portions of the server remotely, which can even stay in sync with the files that everyone accesses. This gives everyone the ability to work with the same files as if you were all working together in the office. This solution works great for businesses that work with all kinds of data and file sizes since even large files can be synced and downloaded through the cloud.

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