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Providing At-Home and Remote Employees with Computer Support

by Hector Meyer

One of the major challenges facing businesses today is how to provide comprehensive IT support to at-home and remote workers. More employees are working from home today, which can be beneficial for both the employee and the business. Yet it can be a challenge to make sure an employee's equipment is working when they aren't physically present in the office. Here are a few tips for providing consistent customer support.

Creating a Security Policy

For employees working from home, it's critical to have a security and access policy. This policy can include such things as which programs employees are allowed to use to complete their work. This simplifies the process of supporting their technology, as your computer support team will only need to be well versed in a handful of business-critical applications. This security policy should further include steps they should take to secure their devices, such as using two-factor authentication.

Providing a Screencast Solution

A solution should be provided to employees that makes it easy for them to cast their computer screen to IT support. It's far easier for IT support to help employees if they can see what they're looking at. There are also solutions that let IT support log directly into a user's computer to fix it, though understandably some users may be hesitant to provide that functionality when working on their personal device.

Use "As a Service" Application Solutions

"As a service" solutions are solutions hosted completely on the web, which makes troubleshooting them far easier for an IT department. An IT department supporting a web-based application can log into the application on their side to identify the problems an employee is having. These solutions also provide greater levels of security, because the application won't save any information on the employee's own computer.

Deploy a Solid Trouble Ticket Solution

A software system designed to track trouble tickets will make it easier for IT support to deal with issues across the company without missing any. With a number of remote workers to support, it can be easier for IT support to potentially forget to repair an issue. Trouble tickets will also show you how quickly issues are resolved and whether the issues are resolved to the employee's satisfaction.

A managed IT service can often provide comprehensive computer IT support both in and out of the office. These services usually have the technologies needed to easily access employee computers remotely, while also having a number of specialists in diverse systems and environments. 

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