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Chess Software Strategies To Prepare You For Live Opponents

by Hector Meyer

Competitive endeavors all have one thing in common: with solid practice, you gain a higher chance of becoming a winner. Anyone new to chess who wants to excel at the game must put the time in and practice. Finding a partner for daily practice isn't always easy. Even if you only meet up with chess buddies once a week, you still need to get a decent amount of training during the other six days. All you need is a suitable chess software program, like Chess King. As long as you use the software with an intention to improve, your weekly, real-life sessions could experience marked improvements. 

The Smart Learning Strategy

Chess software programs continue to grow more sophisticated. Underneath all the technological innovations, the fundamental experience of chess play remains. A player wishing to improve for weekly chess sessions, however, must do his/her part of growing as a player. Merely going through the motions and logging wins/losses won't be enough. A player must be strategic during the learning experience. Among the ways to do this include: 

  • Changing Strategies and Welcoming Loss: Losing at chess sometimes means losing face. Playing it safe often entails using the same strategy. Growing as a player doesn't come easily to those employing the same plan time and time again. Changing up strategy and losing against a computer doesn't hurt the ego much. Reflect on the computer-play sessions to figure out where improvements are needed. This way, you become more prepared for a live session.
  • Varying the Difficulty Level: Reliable chess software programs allow the skill level of the computer to be changed. Opting to play against an "expert" opponent certainly forces a player to deliberate wisely on every move. Testing skill levels exclusively against expert skill levels isn't always beneficial though. Playing against a weak virtual opponent makes sense as well. Doing so makes it possible to see how strategies play out without an overwhelming strategic response. The chaotic nature of a novice opponent also creates surprise and confusion. Get used to such a player's behavior through virtual software-induced bad strategic decisions.
  • Playing More than One Program: While the rules of chess won't change, the design, layout, sights, and sounds of the software will. Since the attitudes, demeanor, presence, and approach of live opponents changes, you should prepare for the unexpected. Changing up software programs helps this cause.

‚ÄčNo matter what program you do purchase, make sure the quality level is there. Solid chess software programs deliver the best experience.