Learning About Computer Services

Important Information About Computer Viruses

by Hector Meyer

Are you frustrated with the way your computer operates because you can barely use it? If you have no clue why the computer has stopped performing as it should, it might be due to a virus being present. There are a few methods in which a virus can be removed, and sometimes restoring the entire computer is necessary. Take a look at this article to gain more insight about computer viruses and getting rid of them.

How a Computer Can Catch a Virus

There are numerous ways in which a computer can catch a virus. If you are a serial downloader, it is one of the most common ways to catch a computer virus. For instance, some of the websites that allow people to download free music, movies and other content are not safe. Many of downloads contain Trojans and viruses that can run programs in the background that you are unaware of. Opening unknown email attachments is also one of the common ways to download a virus unknowingly.

Using Software to Detect a Computer Virus

There are software programs available that can scan a computer and pinpoint any viruses that are present. However, some of the software programs are not able to detect every virus. If you have scanned your computer for viruses and nothing shows up, you might need a technician to perform the task. A technician will have up-to-date software that is able to detect the latest viruses.

Restoring a Computer to an Earlier Date

Although some viruses can be removed with software programs, it is not always possible. You might need to get your computer restored to an earlier date before it will function properly. A technician might ask you about the time frame in which your computer started malfunctioning.  He or she can then return your computer to the state it was in before the problems started happening, which might get rid of any viruses that are present. None of your files will be deleted during the restoration process.

Restoring a Computer to Factory Condition

If your computer has a bad virus that is unable to be removed by restoring it to an earlier date, a technician might need to restore it back to factory condition. Basically, the restoration process will remove all of your personal files that might contain a virus. Your computer will only have files and programs that were included when you first made the purchase. Take your computer to a technician to find out why it is problematic.