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Communication Problems In Your Hotel Room: Three Options For IT Support

by Hector Meyer

If you are traveling for business and you take your laptop everywhere you go, then you may feel quite frustrated when you suddenly are unable to work from your hotel room. Depending on the time of day, you may have very different options for IT support. If it is late at night, your options may be even more limited. The following are options of where you can find help when your internet and communication problems interfere with your work while you are in your hotel room late in the evening.

Call the Front Desk

Most hotels have guest service representatives that work the front desk until late into the evening. If your problems occur prior to nine, ten, or eleven at night, you may be in luck. The representative at the front desk can check to see if the problems you are experiencing have anything to do with the hotel's internet connections. If there is a problem with the hotel's connections, then the front desk representative may be able to speak to a communications company rep to get the problem resolved before the hotel's desk rep leaves for the night. If the problems you are experiencing have nothing to do with the hotel's connections, you may want to call your company's IT support hotline, especially if you have a company-owned laptop.

Call Your Company's IT Hotline

Many businesses who issue company-owned laptops to traveling executives also provide an IT hotline so that you can receive assistance for your laptop no matter where you are or what time of day it is. If you were not provided the direct line to speak to an IT agent when you were issued a laptop, then you might have to use the number listed on the company website and wade through a few automated lines until you can talk to someone. Once you get through, the IT specialist can often help you work the bugs out of a program, locate documents you thought you had lost, and/or reboot your laptop's programming without losing your presentations or documents. 

Call the Hotline for the Software Program or Internet Provider That Is Giving You Trouble

As a last resort, you may want to try calling the internet provider or the manufacturer of the software program that is giving you so much trouble. Typically, these late night/early morning phone reps for IT support may be located in another country, but when it means the difference between an incomplete work presentation and being ready to give a presentation in the morning, it may be worth the effort. IT support reps for either of these issues on your laptop can offer you not only the solutions you may have already tried, but also some you may not have known about or have not tried yet.